Modern vs. Traditional Medicine

Health – is the harmony between us and the Nature. The more we move away from it, the more vulnerable we become to diseases. We’re living in the 21st century and it’s becoming more and more difficult to live healthy life because of the constant rush and lack of time even for a snack. As soon as we feel ourselves unwell, we start taking pills. Having no idea about the cause of the disease we take pills without even trying to change our way of life.

As we face health problems, we start thinking about which medicine to prefer. The traditional or modern one? We all have different opinions. But in fact the borderline between the traditional and modern medicine is very thin. Still there are cases when doctors just spread their hands in despair and the person goes to some healer which uses herbs and some strange substances for treatment and he or she is healthy again!

Diseases are biological conditions and the difference between traditional medicine and modern medicine is in the way we look at the disease and health. But there is a difference between disease and illness.  Doctors distinguish these two terms as follows:

  •  Disease refers to abnormalities in the structure and/or function of organs.
  •  Illness refers to person’s perceptions and experiences.

Modern medical practice is generally concerned with identifying and curing diseases, while traditional is mostly with illnesses.

Having serious troubles with health, always turn to professionals which will help you to find the necessary treatment including traditional.

And always remember that “Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.”


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