Animal Parts and Chinese Medicine

Welcome to the fascinating world of traditional Chinese medicine and animals.

TCM treats their patients with herbs, mineral remedies, natural plants and animals.

The main parts of traditional Chinese medicine are health and longevity.   It means that vital energy of force (qi) must be able to move smoothly through the body and that yin and yang forces (passive and active) are in balance.

In general, Traditional Chinese medicine is usually uses about 1.000 plant and 36 animal species, including rhinoceros, bear, sea horse, and tiger bones.

The role of Rhinoceros in the Traditional Chinese medicine is quite important. Actually, the rhinoceros horns are used for curing fever, delirium. Moreover, Black bear is used in the field of Chinese medicine for treating a wide range of maladies and injuries, including liver illnesses, migraine, headache.

In fact, musk deer plays a vital role in TCM.  They are used for curing skin infections and abdominal pain; otherwise they can be used to promote circulation.

As regards, elephant skin is used for treating acne.  Moreover, snake glands are good for the eyes; it is widely used for treating bronchitis in TCM.

According to Chinese medicine, seahorses are the best treatment for maladies such as asthma, dizziness, joint pain, impotence and incontinence. The amazing fact is that dried sea horses are consumed for virility is ironic because sea horses are species in which the males get pregnant.Turtles play an important role in traditional Chinese medicine; they have been long associated with longevity. Chinese people believed that turtles make their life span longer, and turtle blood is available at Wall-Marts in China.

Surprisingly, powered cockroaches are used for stroke and silkworm feces for typhus. Chinese specialist makes a soup with dried cicada for eyesight improving. Bee venom, honey and other bee products have been used for centuries by as folk remedies in China. Black scorpions sell for $12 a pound.

Actually, macaque flesh is taken as a malaria treatment and a cure for lassitude. Leopard fat, elephant eyeballs, wild boar teeth, monkey paws, civet glands, rabbit skulls, and otter penises are also widely used for traditional Chinese medicine.

Species play a significant role in Traditional Chinese medicine


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